What Is MediPhorm?


The very First, Most Innovative, Highly Advanced Hyaluronic Acid Site Enhancement on the Market

We Have Taken the Site Enhancement World by Storm! 

Mediphorm Original Formula 

Mediphorm is a HA (Hyaluronic acid) based product in a water based solution as HA is water soluble ONLY. Once applied to the muscle areaa the water gets delivered to the area, flushes through the entire muscle head (as water is THE ONLY substance that can flow freely in and out of cell membranes) giving it's self dispersing effect while leaving behind the HA to bind to the muscle fibers. HA by nature can absorb up to thousands of times it's own weight in fluid. We know our muscles are made up of 70%+ water which allows more uptake into the area, stretching fascia. 

Along with that, and more importantly, it will drive excess BLOOD into the area which carries the nutrients allowing more nutrient uptake to feed the area that otherwise wouldnt normally be there, causing skeletal muscle growth over time. That is a basic overview of the original formula

Mediphorm Rapid Loading (RL) Formula

With Mediphorm RL, you get an additional compounding effect dosing 2x per week. The dispersion time is 3-5 days on the RL vs. 2 days on the original. So dosing 2x per week, you will get a compounding effect which will bring faster results and help the HA settle and bind better over time. Also, you get more acute fullness consistently instead of the volume dispersing in 2 days. Its a more "extreme" version of the original with all of the same benefits and positives as the original. 

You should understand that mediphorm offers a 2 tone effect with the first being acute fullness as someone can expect from a site enhancement. But mediphorm also provides long term growth of muscle through the absorption explanation above which folks need to understand is the real goal of Mediphorm. Yeah, its great to look awesome up front, but you want to fix imbalances, you want to grow REAL tissue to get bigger, you want to hydrate and hyperfeed areas full of nutrients for healthy tissue etc

Mediphorm Extend

Xtend is a capsule taken daily to help prevent your body from breaking down the HA you apply to your muscles. It extends the life and longevity of the HA you apply. It also helps create a nutrient rich environment allowing your skin, tendons, ligaments, and fascia tissue to stay healthy and stretch easier. Coupled with Mediphorm, it makes it work exponentially better long term!

The xtend works well actually. A lot of people are starting to really report they do notice a good difference once it builds up after 3-4 weeks and you will too.

We have changed the game forever. You dont ever have to worry about losing definition, getting a deformed look, MUCH safer to use, lasts much longer up to 12 months and many other things...people are extremely happy with our product. Its much more than "just a site enhancement" because no oil based product, or any other product for that matter does no where near what we are able to do. Our product gives you a very natural look because it takes the shape of your existing muscle tissue.


Self Dispersing (freely flows covering most areas completely on its own)

Aqueous (water) based

Lasts up to 12 months with minimal maintenance  

Promotes healing

Promotes cell migration

Far less applications

Far less overall volume

Virtually "dummy proof"



Areas of previous injury

Hard to grow areas

Overall Enhancement

Check Out Our Stage Proven, Thousands of Customer tested, Tried and True Products we have to offer! We Have Spent YEARS Developing our Original product. 

We are the Pioneers of this Industry and We will ALWAYS Remain the #1 Site Enhancement with Customers in over 40 Countries! 

MediPhorm or pemagainz is NOT responsible for the misuse or improper handling of MediPhorm. MediPhorm should always be used as a TOPICAL treatment ONLY! Any other administrations of MediPhorm are not compliant with MediPhorm's instructions and therefore MediPhorm and PrmaGainz will not be held responsible. 

This is why MediPhorm is the best option for your site enhancement needs

This is why MediPhorm is the best option for your site enhancement needs