Meet The Team Of Brand Ambassadors

The guys that loved the Permagainz range so much that they became brand ambassadors. 

Each of us have our own promo code which you can use at the checkout to save 15% off the total order and also by using one of the codes we will donate 5% of your order value to the guy's chosen charity shown in their profiles. The guys do this instead of getting a bonus as they love the brand and the charities all mean something special to them. That's what makes Team Permagainz better.

Tomas Fisher


Tom Fisher

Age 35

Fitness inspiration: Dorian Yates

Real life inspiration: My father

Greatest achievement: marrying my soul mate and best friend

Goals for 2019 : compete in first timers

Promo Code - VIKING

Chosen Charity: C.A.L.M

Hi, I’m Tom, 35 years old, 6’2 and 121kg. I'm from Milton Keynes and I am a health and safety / risk assessor.

I have been training for 8 years, previously never interested in health & fitness. After the loss of a close family member I decided to begin training to better myself and gain more confidence. Having begun at 60kg I have doubled my body weight over the last 8 years. 

A keen tattoo fan and family man I love the routine and discipline that training brings to my life.

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Ben Scott


 Ben Scott 

Age 27 

 Fitness Inspiration: Jay Cutler  

Real life inspiration: My mum 

Greatest achievement: coming back from injury when told i'd never train again

Goals for 2019: Break 19 stone with abs   

Promo Code - YOUNGGUNZ

Chosen Charity: Womens Refuse

Hey everyone, my names is Ben, I'm an online personal trainer and really i'm just a normal, fun loving guy who's dog mad and family orientated,

I love the gym and have some pretty high expectations and set high targets for myself to achieve. 

My final goal is to break 300lbs whilst lean. Started training when i was 16 in college and have been hooked ever since! 

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Benjamin James


Benjamin James Ormerod

Age 29 

Fitness inspiration: Rich Piana. 

Real life inspiration: My mother and my two kids Layla and Benjamin jr.  

Greatest Achievement: My Children

Goals for 2019:  An exhibition fight in March,  Bodybuilding show in  May 

Promo Code: TATTOO

Chosen Charity: Wild Futures


Hi im Ben, an award winning tattooist from north wales. I've been training for around 8/9 years. As youngster I was an amateur boxer but had a very bad motocycle accident at 19. Hospitalised for 3 months and dropping to nearly 7 stone, I was told I could never fight again, so I turned too the gym. 

5 years ago, after being influenced by Sylvester, Arnold etc, I competed in a beginners class with no coach & no guidance and came 2nd going into the next round and getting 4th. I haven't competed since because I truly thought I wasn't good enough, until now. 

This is now the year I think im finally ready too step onto that stage once more. I like to give it my all in every session and that doesn't just go towards the gym and training, I try put that same effort into everything I do.

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Ryan L


 Ryan L

Age 41

Fitness inspiration: Arnold

Real life inspiration: My Wife & Son

Greatest achievement: Again, My Wife Anne-Marie & Son Thomas

Goals for 2019: Grow Permagainz 

and watch my son grow and learn

Promo Code - RHINO

Chosen Charity: Yorkshire Child Trust

Hi, I’m Ryan , 41 years old, 6’0 & 114kg. I'm from Halifax in West Yorkshire and I'm the Founder and Owner of Permagainz. I also never take a phone into the gym so forgive the blurry picture as i used my friend's phone !!!

Permagainz came about from a passion for strength training and trying to find reputable supplements that actually work and contain what they say on the label.

We take pride in what we do and represent and as a team always chat each day online and push each other on individually and as a company.

As a new father of my son Thomas I am driven daily to make sure everything is done with passion and pride so that we can look back on Permagainz in the future and say we built it together whilst spending quality time together at the same time

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James Hall


 James hall
Age 28
Fitness Insiration: Frank Zane
Real Life Inspiration: My father & mother
Greatest Achievement : My son Jacob  
Goals for 2019: To be better than I was last year
Promo Code: JACOB

Chosen Charity: 

Shoting Stars Children's Hospices 

 Hi I am James hall I'm 28. I live in north wales & I am a full time dad to my son Jacob and love every minute with my boy. 

I am a tattoo artist and love the gym and also love my cars. I've been training for 10 years although the first few years were not as serious as the last 8.

Each year I see more and more improvements; the gym - it’s a life style not a hobby!!