Meet The Team Of Brand Ambassadors

The guys that loved the Permagainz range so much that they became brand ambassadors. 

Each of us have our own promo code which you can use at the checkout to save 15% off the total order and also by using one of the codes we will donate 5% of your order value to the guy's chosen charity shown in their profiles. The guys do this instead of getting a bonus as they love the brand and the charities all mean something special to them. That's what makes Team Permagainz better.

Tomas Fisher


Tom Fisher

Age 35

Permagainz Product: Mediphorm RL

Fitness inspiration: Dorian Yates

Real life inspiration: My father

Greatest achievement: marrying my soul mate and best friend

Goals for 2019 : compete in first timers

Promo Code - VIKING

Chosen Charity: C.A.L.M

Hi, I’m Tom, 35 years old, 6’2 and 127kg. I'm from Milton Keynes and I am a health and safety / risk assessor.

I have been training for 8 years, previously never interested in health & fitness. After the loss of a close family member I decided to begin training to better myself and gain more confidence. Having begun at 60kg I have doubled my body weight over the last 8 years. 

A keen tattoo fan and family man I love the routine and discipline that training brings to my life.

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Ben Scott


 Ben Scott 

Age 27 

 Permagainz Product: Mediphorm RL

 Fitness Inspiration: Jay Cutler  

Real life inspiration: My mum 

Greatest achievement: coming back from injury when told i'd never train again

Goals for 2019: Break 19 stone with abs   

Promo Code - YOUNGGUNZ

Chosen Charity: Womens Refuse

Hey everyone, my names is Ben, I'm an online personal trainer and really i'm just a normal, fun loving guy who's dog mad and family orientated,

I love the gym and have some pretty high expectations and set high targets for myself to achieve. 

My final goal is to break 300lbs whilst lean. Started training when i was 16 in college and have been hooked ever since! 

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Neal Maher


Neal 'Muscle Ink' Maher

Age 33 

 Permagainz Product: Mediphorm Original

Fitness inspiration: Rich Piana. 

Real life inspiration: My mother

Greatest Achievement:  British finalist in 2016 & 2018 and qualifying for NABBA England 2019

Goals for 2019:  Make a full return from pec tear surgery ready for the British finals in October.


Chosen Charity: RAISE 


Hi my names Neal and I’ve been competing for 5 years now. It’s always been my aim to try and bring a completely different look to the stage combining the two art forms I love most, bodybuilding and tattoos. 

This lead me to end up with the name Muscle Ink. After taking two years out I returned to competitive bodybuilding last year to have my most successful year to date, placing in the top 3 in all 5 shows and qualifying for both the British final and NABBA England. 

In December when just starting prep for the 2bro’s March show, I tore my pec off the bone in the gym needing surgery to reattach it. After a very quick recovery we’re getting ready to start preparing for the British in October just 4 months after surgery.

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Chris Unitt


Chris Unitt 

age 48 

Fitness Inspiration: To be the best I can be 

Real life inspiration: My parents 

Greatest achievement: 2018 IBFA world champion 

Goals for 2019: retain my IBFA world title and cement my claim for one of the top masters competitors in the country 

Promo Code: MASTERS

Chosen Charity: Macmillan Cancer Support 

Hi I'm Chris and I have been competing since 2002 in various associations and working with some of the top coaches in the country.

 I think I've done too pretty good job winning my fair share of events and last year I finished top 6 in IBFA, NABBA and PCA british final and moved on to the IBFA World's where I got 2nd place in over the 40’s then taking short class world title. 

I was over the moon and thought how can my year get any better so I entered the NABBA Mr Universe and I came back with a 5th place.

I'm currently prepping for NABBA World's in June and IBFA universe in July. I also do contest prep and have 1 midland champion and one world champion under my guidance with many more people jumping on the unittcoaching team

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Chris Williams


Chris 'Hulk' Williams

Age 44 

Permagainz Product: INCINERATE

Fitness inspiration:  Ronnie Coleman 

Real life inspiration:  My partner Lesley & our 4 wonderful kids  

Greatest Achievement: My Children

Goals for 2019:  CIBB worlds Italy June 22 


Chosen Charity:  Action for children 

 Hi I'm Chris, an award winning tattooist from Devon. I started my bodybuilding journey 2 years ago. Within this time I’ve gone from 19.5st to 14.5 stone and been invited to CIBB World Cup in Italy June 22 2019 . I'm lucky enough to be coached by Chris Unitt IBFA 

 I've been training now for some years. I started with strongman but tore both triceps so turned to bodybuilding at a novice level and since then I've not looked back. It’s a hell of a journey but when the training and diet kicks in it turns in to a great life enhancing addiction.

My motivation for everything I do is my family. My dad has overcome cancer in the 2 years that I’ve been bodybuilding and I’ve told him I’ll present him with my first world trophy when I get it. I also take my 2 eldest sons 10, 11 to the gym and they push me every night. 

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Rob Hariss


 Rob Harriss 

Age: 37 

Permagainz Product: Mediphorm RL

Fitness inspiration:Lee priest/Flex Lewis 

Real life inspiration: My mum 

Greatest achievement: 1st ever Lee priest classic class 4 champion  

Goals for 2019: Prep friends and clients to win their shows a this year 

Promo Code - MUTANT

Chosen charity: Cancer research 

Hi, I'm Rob

 I'm an amateur bodybuilder in the UK holding titles such as; 




I've been on stage over 25 times in the last 9 straight years and now going into my 10th. I also run my own personal training business NXL PERSONAL TRAINING 

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Lewis Hammond


Lewis Hammond  

Age: 36  

Permagainz Product: RECOMP

Fitness Inspiration: Arnold  

Real life inspiration: My Clients 

Greatest achievement: seeing my clients progressmentally and physically 

Goals for 2019: Help change 100 people's lives.  

Promo Code - LEWIS 

Chosen Charity: 

Mental Health Awareness 

Hi, I'm Lewis and I'm a personal trainer and coach in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

I've been involved in the fitness industry for some time now and my goal is to help transform and change as many people's lives as possible, especially after over coming a rare mental illness ADHD and Bi Polar Type 2. (only 45 known cases in the world. 

 I accepted Permagainz's offer to be a brand ambassador due to the fact they only put a few products out but ensure the quality of each one.

James Hall


James hall  

Age 28   

Permagainz Product: SUSTAIN

Fitness Insiration: Frank Zane  

Real Life Inspiration: My father & mother   Greatest Achievement : My son Jacob, my pride and joy  

Goals for 2019: To be better than I was last year 

Promo Code: JACOB

Chosen Charity: 

Shoting Stars Children's Hospices 

Hi I am James hall I'm 28. I live in north wales & I am a full time dad to my son Jacob and love every minute with my boy. 

I am a tattoo artist and love the gym and also love my cars. I've been training for 10 years although the first few years were not as serious as the last 8.

Each year I see more and more improvements; the gym - it’s a life style not a hobby!!

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